Meet Our Local Farmers

At Alpenglow Cocktail Company, we take pride in sourcing our ingredients directly from local farms. We believe in supporting our community and ensuring the freshest, highest-quality ingredients go into every one of our bottles. By partnering with local farms, we not only support sustainable agriculture but also guarantee that our products are as fresh and delicious as possible. Join us in supporting local businesses and taste the difference in every sip.
Explore our wonderful Washington Farms:
  • Lake Holm: Nestled in the serene landscapes of Auburn, Lake Holm Lavender cultivates the freshest and most aromatic lavender. Their lavender is the heart of our Lavender Honey Bees Knees, adding a touch of floral bliss to every sip.
    • Bees and the BurbsLocated in Maple Valley, sustainability meets sweetness. Their honey, sourced from conscientiously tended hives, is the golden nectar that sweetens our Lavender Honey Bees Knees, ensuring each drop is as ethical as it is delicious.
      • Northwest Wild Food: Located in Burlington, Northwest Wild Food expertly forages the vibrant huckleberries that give our Huckleberry Lemondrop its distinctive tartness and natural allure. It’s wild-sourced flavor you can taste in every bottle.
        • Alvarez Organic Farms From the sun-drenched fields of Mabton, Alvarez Organic Farms grows jalapeños with passion and care. These spicy gems are the fiery heart of our Spicy Margarita, adding a kick to each drink you make.
        • Hayton Farms In the heart of Mount Vernon, Hayton Farms is a beloved family-owned operation that supplies our strawberries and raspberries. Bursting with sun-ripened sweetness, they’re the essence of our Strawberry Lemondrop and Raspberry Bramble, bringing the perfect summer taste to each drink.