About Us

Handcrafted Cocktail Mixers from the Great Pacific Northwest

Each one of our handcrafted cocktail mixers is seasonally harvested from local businesses and farms. 

In the summer, we look forward to fresh lavender, sage, and sweet honey from our neighborhood bee populations. When the chill of winter comes, we take advantage of the apple bounty of the Wenatchee Valley and pair it with the comforting spice of cinnamon for our limited seasonal brews. 

These non-alcoholic drink mixes are as easy as simply adding your favorite spirit or seltzer for a one-step finale to your busy day. We have curated a diverse group of traditional cocktail mixers as well as unique recipes to help you stretch your palate while also indulging in the classics.


Pour up our not-too-sweet margarita mix on a hot day or cozy up by the fire and just add ice to our house-made old fashioned recipe. We truly have a flavor for everyone, so come check us out at your local farmer’s market or ship your favorite mixer directly to your house from our online store.